Normals not working on Skeletal Mesh

Hi all,

Ran into a new one tonight. I am importing animated actors from Anima (archviz tool), and have noticed none of the materials have normal maps working. If I convert one of the characters to static meshes, normal maps begin to have an impact on the material. Hoping I am missing something simple. Have searched for an answer to no avail.

Shader is very basic - Albedo and normal are the only textures loaded. I have tried to remake the shader from scratch - no difference (though it will appear different on the static mesh if I change any parameters of it, such as roughness)

Thanks all

Skeletal meshes are generally dynamic, do you have any dynamic lighting in your scene?

Thanks for the reply. All lighting is ray traced and all light sources are set to movable. I’ll test in a more traditionally lit scene and see what the result is.

Do the normal maps have normal map compression set?

Cheers for replying. Yes, they do. I also got a reply from AXYZ.

“Yes, we are aware of that problem. It has been caused by an undocumented change they made in the new UE version, so we are talking with Epic games to find a solution as soon as possible.”

I hear this all the time from developers working with Epic, whether it’s true or not I suppose is moot. Regardless, no fix in the meantime.