NormalFromFunction Node

I have a problem understanding how this node work, I want to achive nice edge details from normal map
Or this not is not sutable for my needs?



If you can’t get that node to work and if I understand you correctly (you’re trying to generate normals), then try the PerturbNormal nodes.

Thx for the reply , I have tried it, it gives noticable shimmering artifacts

Normal from function requires 3 copies of your noise function to be used. The UV1, 2 and 3 outputs need to be used for the coordinates and they provide the offsets, using the input “Coordinates” as the base coordinates.

The one part that cannot be sampled with offsets is the VertexColor, but you could use your texture 3 times by using default TextureCoordinate node as the coordinates.

Thanks for the answer, I have another problem I am trying to solve. Something like blur function, It would be great to have possibility to blur output mask to achieve nice slope on the edge for normal map
Is it possible somehow?

There are a few blur nodes. SpiralBlur Texture might do what you want.

Hmm how can I use it? it works with Texture Object only, but in my example I have blend as seen on screenshot

You would need to convert your texture to a texture object. If you wanted to create the normal FROM the blur, it would be quite expensive and I woudln’t recommend it. You’d need 3 copies of the blur function as I said above. Normally you would first blur and then save that result to a render target, then you can use the render target to make a texture more easily.

Ok, got it, thx