normal screen and oculus screen together

Hello, I’m looking for a solution to have image in my oculus and also normal image (not split) on my computer Is there a special option or anything else ?

currently, I have both two-eye view (the Oculus view) on both my computer screen and my Oculus screen.

so when I launch the game and then input “stereo on” I want to send the splited screen to oculus but without changing the view on my computer (there will be two people using my project, one with the computer and another with the oculus)


hmd mirror [on|off|toggle] Enables/disables/toggles mirroring in a window (for “Application Only” mode only).
hmd mirror 800x600 Sets mirror window dimension (for Direct mode only).
hmd mirror mode 0|1|2 Sets mirror window mode: 0 - standard stereo distorted view, 1 - stereo undistorted view, 2 - mono view (a single eye)

Thank you so much for your help.

hmd mirror mode 2 is exactly what I want. (I use the Direct mode on Oculus)

However, it seems like the whole picture is distorted. is it because of the single eye view? is it possible to have the normal view?

Thank you again!

ps, hmd mirror 800x600 has no effects. i am wondering if the view performance could be better by changing size of the window.

Yes the low resolution/distortion wourld be because the plugin is basically copying the left eye buffer to the mirror buffer.

Changing the size of the window would have no effect on performance as it would the same sized texture being strectched/shrunk over a different sized screen space.

The only way to have a standard projection view within the mirror viewport would be to modify the plugin yourself by copying the contents of a render target from a scenecapture2d actor the the mirror buffer. Which would mean a performance hit as you would be then rendering the scene a third time.

Once for each eye and a third for the mirror texture.
Depending on what your doing that may or may not be a viable option.
The project im currently working on involves rendering the scene a total of four time at certain points.