normal screen and oculus screen together

I’m looking for a solution to have image in my oculus and also normal image (not split) on my computer
Is there a special option or anything else ?

when I launch the game and then press Alt+Enter I want to send the splited screen to oculus
but without changing the view on my computer (there will be two people using my project, one with the computer and another with the oculus)


after some researches
I found the “hmd mirror” that disable the rendering on my computer monitor but keeping the one in the Oculus

That is almost what I want to do,
but instead of a black screen on my monitor I want to have the render without stereo (Oculus view without split)

is that possible ?

Hi tiak,
i have the same problem. Where did you put “hdm mirror” option?
Did you mean something in a .ini configuration file or in monitor configuration?

I would love to know the solution about this issue too!