Normal - MP3 files do not show in the Content Drawer

With the current public test, the MP3 files do not appear to show in the Content Drawer. They import fine and you get a message when reimporting if you want to replace the file. However, the file does not show in the content drawer and when viewing the folder the MP3 is in, the content drawer shows 0 items. Tried with a WAV file and it shows fine.

From what I know, MP3 files are not supported in UEFN or UE5.


Thanks for bringing this up. @Rynex_FNC is right, MP3 files aren’t currently supported in UEFN. I actually posted about this back in September because I think this info should be added to the UEFN Documentation, so creators don’t have to keep asking. Normal - Imported OGG and WAV SFX must be marked as "Public" in Content Browser in order to play, MP3 do not import at all. I suggested the Epic team add it to their existing webpage about criteria for importing assets. That page is currently only focused on models but maybe they could add audio? Epic Games

FYI, another issue you might run into with audio in the future is that you need to mark the audio asset “Public” in your content browser in order for the sound to play in game. By default it’s set to Private. Right click on the asset, scroll down to Asset State, and check the box for Public. This is another step I would like to see mentioned in the Docs, in addition to the WAV or OGG requirement.

I’m upvoting your post! If you agree this info should be in the Docs, could you please upvote mine too!? Thanks!