Normal Maps

Hello, I have a big problem with this normal map .I have a 363,000 verts character, I want to use normal map so I can use this character in game, I’m using Blender to Bake normals and it looks good, but in unreal it doesn’t work, my normal map is connected to normal and it doesn’t work, please help me with this!

What exactly is not working?
Have you set the mode of your texture to “normal”? :slight_smile:

A screenshot would help. You can also try to flip your green channel, I don’t know which way blender bakes normals^^

also check your normal map doesnt have an alpha channel. i know from experience that if i import a normal map from substance designer without putting the ‘normal’ modifier through an overlay node on top of a solid 127,127,255 colour then normals just wont work.
you need to give us more info if you want help on your specific issue though, we’re just stabbing in the dark here :stuck_out_tongue: