Normal Maps?

  • How can you setup Normal Maps in VR that they don’t look flat?
  • How should the material be setup?
  • Or what’s the workaround / other solution in case Normals maps don’t work in VR at all?

Thanks for any little help, appreciate it!

You are looking of Parallax Occlusion Mapping.
You arent changing the mesh, just doing some fancy shader math, so you can’t make bits that stick further out than the textures surface.
You will want to make it blend into a normal mapped material after a short distance for performance and because it goes a bit wierd when viewed at shallow angles. For a similar reason, you probably want to implement your game so that the players head cannot get to close / through the wall surface. Though that seems to be a point of contention for vr games atm. It can make people a little sick when they move but their view does not. OTOH, thats a good way to train them to stop trying to walk through walls XD
You could also look into tessalation which actually lets you deform the mesh and dynamically make it more detailed based on distance. Though obviously that is far more expensive.