Normal Maps Baking 3DS MAX Problem Pls Help

Hello, i am using 3ds Max 2013 with all updated and fixes but i have this problem when Baking NORMAL MAP.


Yes TurboSmooth on HP is activated.
LP is smallest, HP is a little bit bigger, and it all covers Cage. So the rays should be inside the cage going trough HP landing on LP mesh.
It looks like my Low poly object is captured on Normal map and not HP.

I am using Default Scanline Render


For any info i will be Grateful i am new with Normal Maps and was watching alot of tutorials but somehow when i do exactly the same, this come up dont know why.

What’s up with your smoothing groups at low poly? Seems like there is none

OH GOD THX A LOT it was bugging me for about 2 hours THANK YOU VERY MUCH !!