Normal Map Triplanar Porjections on Nanite enabled static meshes produce no results

Just a quick note:

Normal maps using the World Coordinate 3 Way node do not produce any output when used on a Nanite-enabled Static Mesh .

You need to turn off Tangent Space Normal in the Material to make it work :slight_smile:


Thanks, that helps on flat surfaces. But the shading is then super harsh and sort of faceted on other objects, like a content engine sphere for example. :thinking:

Mixing in the Vertex Normals helps, and as you’re using Nanite allready, you could subdivide the sphere using the modeling tools, which should help with the facets.

It’s not a perfect solution, but I guess it will have to do till Ue5 officially comes out :innocent:

Cool, I see.
Thanks for the suggestions DrCoolFreshPapaG :+1: