Normal Map Problem, seams are not blending

Anyone have any ideas why the UV seams are not blending when applying my normal map? Is there a certain way I have to export my normal map in Max 2015?


have you tried flipping the green channel either in photoshop or in the import screen?

I tried that in Max and it didn’t seem to help.

have you ever tried using xnormal? I find it alot more accurate than max or maya at making normal maps.

I haven’t. I would prefer to stick with Max and understand what I’m missing.

The 3ds Max default scanline renderer can produce perfect normal maps for UE4

But make sure that you imported your normal maps with the right settings, when you import it check the box that will indicate that it’s a normal map, it has to change some things for normal maps so if you don’t then it won’t render correctly. You can also add “_normal” to the file name and it will automatically recognize that it’s a normal map.

When I import my normal maps, I do not get a settings box before they import in. Where else can I look to check that setting?

Under the “Details” tab when you double-click on the texture I was able to change the Compression Settings to TC NormalMap but that still didnt help. I also tried to re-export my maps with the green channel up and down, and that didn’t do it either.

If I place the same normal map inside Substance and use their generated material, it looks correct.

Also make sure the Texture Sample node in your material has its “Sampler Type” set to “Normal”. Colors sampled straight from a texture range from 0 to 1, but normal maps need a conversion step to properly reconstruct the normal vector from the texture data (with a range of -1 to 1). If you import the texture as a normal map and use a normal sampler, it should all happen automatically for you in the material sampler node. If you imported it as a regular texture, sampled it in a material as a regular texture, and *then *switched the texture compression type to normal map, the material sampler might still be expecting a regular texture so it won’t know to automatically apply the normal vector conversion.

To me it looks like parts of the model have been mirrored without the normals being fixed afterwards, so parts of the model has inverted normals.
Does it make any difference if you make the material two-sided and use the TwoSidedSign node for the normal?
To use TwoSidedSign, just multiply it with your normal map node. The result is that the normal will look the same from both sides.

@AdamZ was there ever a solution to this? I’ve got the same problem…

Either there’s an issue with your normals or you need to make sure that the normal map is using Normal Map compression otherwise it will not be interpreted properly.

It is not a problem of the “Normal” texture. In the image I show you, only the “Base Color” is connected and the problem persists. Before activating “compute skin cache” it was perfect. The solution would be to put hair on the character to cover the error. Unfortunately this character is bald. This problem has not been solved for 4 years. And now in 4.25.4 it is more serious than in previous versions.