Normal map not the same quality as in Marmoset 4K textures

Hi guys, i seem to be having a problem with my normal map, it looks as if there is some compression being applied. it’s not the same quality as in Marmoset, It just seems that when i bring my maps into unreal that they loose quality for some weird reason, any help would be appreciated, the maps are 4K in resoloution. I have my engine scalability settings put to cinematic.

I also seem to have a problem with the AO Below are pictures showing the problem. It seems that the AO is bluring and not giving full detail

In your project settings under Rendering → Textures → Use DXT5 Normal Maps you can set up the default compression for your normal maps. You can also open your texture and change the compression for this particular asset. The “Compression setting” “HDR (RGB, no sRGB)” would be no compression whatsoever.