Normal Map messed up

I’m new at creating my own assets. I created my mesh in ZBrush, exported it as a .fbx, painted it in Substance Painter and exported it as “Unreal Engine 4 (packed)”. I created a material out of the three Maps (BaseColor, Normal and Roughness) in UE4 but now it looks
way different than in Substance Painter.
The details from the Normal Map are not at the position where they should be. It really looks like a big mess.

So if anybody could help me or need some more information please reply. As I’m new to modelling I don’t really know where to look at to fix this.

Hey, if you post some images of what your normal map and your mesh look like it would help us in diagnosing the issue. Also if you could show any UV channels for your mesh that are supposed to be used that would be helpful too.

thanks for the quick reply. I uploaded a picture showing the mesh and the maps.
It’s a pretty basic shape, just something I played around with to learn.

Is it possible that the UV Map is facing the wrong direction? Because it looks a bit different in ZBrush and Substance Painter.


First of all you need to unwrap the uv in your 3d modeling software. From what I see in your pictures you seem that you have missed unwrapping your uvs so this is what’s causing the problem.

Yea if you overlay your texture there onto your UVs, you can see the swirl to the right is mostly occuring outside of the unwrapped range.

Did substance let you choose a UV channel or anything? Are you sure you don’t have other channels to choose from?