Normal-map Creation

Hello. I am trying to create normal-maps for some textures for use in my project. What is a good free software one could use to make these normal-maps from textures?

You could use SSbump: :slight_smile:

I personally prefer xNormal.

Crazybump’s another free software that works well

I didn’t think xNormal did photo → normal map generation.

Most good software for this isn’t free or has a short demo period.
Shadermap2 is pretty decent from what I’ve heard. I don’t know if their demo expires in 30 days or has limitations, but you might give it a shot.
I think the Crazybump demo also expires, but it’s worth checking out.
Knald is good, but has a 30 day demo.
Quixel’s nDo (in their Suite) is the best in my opinion and has a 30 day trial.
I’ve never tried the nVidia plugin for Photoshop, but it might do what you need.

Basically, you can bounce around through some demos for many months before you need to worry about it again. I haven’t tried the fully free open source one linked above.

I wasn’t noticed, that he wants to create normal map from texture. In this case I want to say, that auto normal mappping basically provides bad results, it’s not a good way. I got acceptable results only with Bitmap2Material, but again, I’d like to recommend you, Xander, create normal maps manually.

Thanks a lot! I’ll look into these and I can finally get stuff done with my project.:smiley: