Normal Edge Detection-How?


I have been making a game as part of a group project for uni and while I have got a basic black outline working on the models via post processing, it is not exactly the effect I am after. Having looked around online it seems I need a combination of the depth system that was used for the black outline and normal edge detection to give me an outline/shaded effect on each of the hard edges of the models. However this is where I get issues as the only information I can find on normal edge detection is related to UDK. I have seen images of it done in UE4 but none of them provided any kind of explanation as to how they got the detection working. Does anyone have any links to any explanations or can explain it for me themselves?


There’s a fresnel shader node available in the material editor that you can you to blend between different parameters based on the angle of the normal to the camera, that sounds like something you may want to look into.