Normal - Creator Portal - Shows my original creator code as the creator

When I publish, it says that it was created by “Twitch Peter_FN” which was my original creator code, and not created by “Peter” which is my current code. When I hit support in the game, it shows my current creator code.

Thank you, @PeterGGs - I’ll pass this along.

@PeterGGs it looks like this is your Epic display name. We’ll be checking into some ways to improve the user experience here. Thank you!

I’m seeing my name as just a -, should it be showing something else?

Do you mean that it shows my epic display name as Twitch Peter_FN or PeterGGs because my display name is PeterGGs?

So your Epic ID is PeterGG?

Nevermind, found it. I’ll ping the team again on this one.

Could I get a screenshot on this one? Thank you!

Could I get the project name and test codes?

They were the ones we sent over earlier for the audio, I’ll send you a message.