NOOB STUFF: small question about puddles vertex paint

Small question about puddle vertex painting: after some research, I noticed that vertex painting seems only possible on geometry, not directly on a landscape. The only way I found to add puddles on a landscape was procedurally through a material function.

Did I understand correctly?

Im able to paint panners I mixed mixed with sand to make it look like i’m under water. I prefer this because the shoreline opacity, and slight wave movement cause me to have moving reflections on beach sand which I don’t like. Infinity blades iceland paints ice on water, and it looks frozen so I believe it is possible just like this. I would use the same texture that you plan to use around the puddle like mud. I haven’t painted water though as a puddle. You could pan 2 normal maps on a solid color than you can do it.Capturelandscapemat.JPG

Thanks tahdkinsjr, I’ll look into it. :slight_smile: