Noob Questions Fluid, Fire

Hello thanks for taking the time to read my questions. So i been learning blender for about 6 months causally now i heard about Unreal engine about 2 days ago so i do not know very much about what exactly i am doing so i am sorry any of these questions are really dumb or really simple to resolve. i have already tried watching almost all of the current tutorials given by unreal

First question is in blender to create water i would use a Fluid simulator. But i am unsure how i go about making one in Unreal do i bake fluid simulation in blender then export it to Unreal ? Then my second question would be i was reviewing the videos on “Infiltrator” they where talking about how he set up his water in 6 different pieces. How would you go about reconnecting that all together in Unreal? Is there a book or tutorial or something that i should read to help me understand what i should be doing.

On a second part of my question i also review on how they made the fire. look to me like was bake on top of a plane in some way again i just do not understand how you would go about baking something like that. i would really like to understand how these things work how i could go about making my own.

I do not mind if any of the answer are in Maya or 3D max or even Unreal 3, i take a look at it all if you guys think it can help me improve.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and reply to my questions :slight_smile:

OH there a particle system in unreal engine nvm guys i should be fine :slight_smile: