Noob question : Should i use substance painter to do texturing for every single asset ?

Hi Guys ,

Which is more performance efficient ? For example if i have a wooden bench and wooden floor for my asset, is it better to just create a single material in ue4 and just apply to them both ? Or i should texturing and painting them in Substance painter ? What is the purpose of painting /texturing in Substance painter ?? Appreciate if anyone can clear my noob question :slight_smile:

Hey Weihow12345!

You could definitely use both! For the floor, you can use a tiling material and set it on a simple plane which can be tiled in a grid.

For the wooden bench, you can texture it in Substance Painter so it looks nice and pristine without any noticeable seams. Then you’d just go through the usual workflow of exporting the textures for Unreal Engine 4, and setting up the material for the bench, etc.

We had framerate issues when the majority of our textures were Substance. We removed Substance and all the materials were redone using Unreal’s Material Editor. Our performance is now good and we are not lacking any effect we were previously getting. We use a lot of dynamic textures so Substance looked like it would be better, but it performed very poorly for us.

Substance Painter doesn’t export substances, only normal textures. Substance Designer can do either depending on your needs.

To answer OP’s question, yes a single tiling material can be more performant because you are only loading the textures once. But the value of substance painter really comes in when you need to have specific non tiling details on an asset. You could use both methods or one exclusively. Deciding which assets to give unique textures and which ones to not is just something you have to budget against texture memory and production time.

Thanks Nerdsbeware!!! Now i understand… my initial doubt is that for a susbtance painter texture asset it is having a 6mb file size texture for just a single asset, but i can have a 6mb file size texture using tiling material in ue4 for most of my wooden asset, that’s why i am wondering if the substance painter texture is more efficient in performance for hardware as well as for file size… Thanks for clearing up my doubts !!