Noob question on pin and anchors in ARCore

I went through the examples from ARCore for Unreal and also the ARCore developer guide (Working with anchors  |  ARCore  |  Google Developers). Is the “Pin Component” an equivalent of anchors mentioned in the documentation?

Also, I noticed that the Pin component takes in “Pin to component” and “Tracked geometry” as parameters. What are these and how can they be used?

Finally, I want to attach multiple actors to one anchor. How do I do this? I tried creating one pin component and spawning multiple actors, each assigning itself the ARPin from the created Pin component. However, I found out that these actors were never spawned unless each actor had its own pin component.

Would also be interested to get an answer about that

Tracked geometry refers to the planes, horizontal and vertical that the pass through camera on your device is recognizing. You “pin” or “anchor” components to this recognized tracked geometry.