Noob Question: Does a separate lobby GM really matter?

I’ve been designing a multiplayer game for about a year, and I keep running into issues in the “lobby” area. Right now, after the player hosts a game and clicks “play”, it takes you right to the chosen map, with a “lobby” overlay where they wait for other players to join, chat, choose character and anything else they need before starting. It’s not a separate lobby room and game mode. Everything is ran off of the same game mode and player controller inside of the chosen map. Is that okay? Or is there something about having a separate lobby map setup that UE4 looks for in order to make everything work? I’m having issues with the player info window properly displaying “Ready” Status, Steam name, etc…I’m making sure it’s just me needing to continue to tweak my blueprints, and not move everything to a separate lobby level and game mode config.

I hope this makes sense. Just trying to make sure I’m doing everything right.