Noob question: Cascade particle emitters: emitting from a sphere, across a spreadshot shape?

Howdy! First time posting in the Unreal forums and I look forward to becoming more involved (Cross-posted from Redditbut I figured this would be a better location to ask questions).
I’m messing around with cascade and am having trouble getting a particular effect. Basically, I want the classic spreadshot - radial emission that goes outward across an arc of around 120 degrees. I mocked up a quick image of my target emission shape: imgur link.
I tried sphere emitter, but I end up with 180 degrees of emission after disabling axes for spawning (documentation reference ). A reference to my current look is here. A poorly doctored version of what I’d like it to look like in comparison is here.
Any recommendations about options in the Cascade logic I can add / modify to make the sphere emitter more selective in its arc? Or, is the sphere emitter the wrong choice in this case? Cascade seems really cool, and really deep - it’ll take a bit for me to get my head around it and I appreciate any direction y’all can provide. Let me know if there’s any more info you’d like to see and I’ll be happy to provide.