Noob question about "use emissive for static lighting" performance

When “use emissive for static lighting” is ticked, it just bakes the indirect term of the light into the lightmap right? or it does create a point light in place?
Does it emit dynamic light at all?

It just effects the lightmap. Nothing dynamic.

Thanks, yeah, as I suspected… I think a popular offline renderer does the point light in place thing and it stuck in my head.

I don’t know of any renderers that place actual lights to do emissive type of lighting

I think VRay uses your mesh as an area light or mesh light to emit direct light from objects with a self illuminating material if you tick direct in the material. Still Pears and Apples, I was asking because I had to optimize a scene and just wanted to confirm that self illuminated materials weren’t eating my performance in any way.