Noob needing help with First person VR with controllers

I messed with this for 10 hours yesterday and never got the controllers to show/work properly. I found some tutorials on how to make them show up but they skipped way too many steps and I have no idea what I am doing. Can someone make a beginner’s tutorial? I can get basic first person view working in a simple blank VR area but what do the motion controllers connect to? I had them set up as a child to the pawn camera. What is the game mode blueprint for? Whats its purpose? What is the player controller blueprint for? I always see tutorials that have 4 objects; Game Mode, Player Pawn, Player Controller, VR_Camera. I’m not sure what these do or where i’m going wrong on setting them up.

Also, is it possible to take the person from the 3rd person template and use the body attached to a first person camera? Whats the best way to have arms in first person?

I recommend to just use the Template in the Thread right underneath your’s

In this template you have everything you need in the Vive Pawn.
You can delete stuff that you don’t need.

The forum post rukasu metioned is def a good one and they are updating it alot…even I have grabbed it to learn a few things.

But as you i wanted to learn from complete scratch…so lemme give you the same you tube link that started me. This guys shooter series was perfect for me.

i knew nothing going in…i now have a working shooter. As for the arms part, not sure best way for that, as i just choose to use my guns as the arms since im just looking to blow someones heads off, but i guess it would be the same kind of setup…with some movement tweaks and things for gripping and such which rukasu’s link has.