Noob lighting problem

I’m completely new to unreal engine. I am coming from Unity. I am working on a small level for my project and I am wanting to create an ominous and uncomfortable atmosphere. I have a hallway and I wanted to add some dim flickering hallway lights. I put in my point light and when I build the lighting, the entire hallway is lit. I have intensity set to 1000 and the attenuation ratio is low as well. I removed the light but then the entire scene remains lit. This happened to me before and I usually just erase everything and rebuild but that’s killing productivity timeline. A lot. Is there something I am doing wrong here? Anyone else ever come across this problem?

ie. I’m on my phone at work as soon as I am in front of my cpu I will upload screenshots. Thank you in advance.

this is normal after build lighting is stores as special type of texture called lightmap it remains unchanged until next rebuild also remember that light you see after building lighting includes indirect illumination (bounced light) so even when manipulating brightnes/visibility of the light at runtime you cant manipulate static lighting (for flickering effect etc.). for blinking lights you can use dynamic light type just remember that this light mode is very performance heavy so it is good idea to disable shadows when not necessary and limit attenuation, less object in radius the less taxing the effect is. Also what you can find useful is GI intensity slider in light details panel that will enable you to set amount of bounce light produced by given light source.

I will go look my light set up once I get home. if I still get the same response then I will return and post a picture. Thank you