NonStreaming Mips

Hi, I am having a “NonStreaming Mips” issue. I think it is taking allocated Streaming Pool’s room and causing a Streaming Over Budget.

The more I set textures as Streamable, the more NonStreamin Mips weight increases and reaches huge amount (over 7000Mb).

However, when using commands like list textures or memreport -full, my textures is shown as being streamed.

You will find a screenshot of stat memory and stat streaming attached.

Thanks for your help!

Are the textures you are setting as streamable got power-of-two dimensions?
If not they won’t be streamed and get put in the non-streamable pool.

My textures are powers of two already.
Acording to logs, they are streamed.

Sorry I couldn’t help. I wonder what the problem is

Launching the game InEditor I have 6000MB of NonStreaming Mips and 4000MB in Standalone.