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Hey there just though I’ll post some image from little project i working on. I am a complete novice to so doing little project to learn the engine and build my skills.

Now let me mention i am not a model, more of a level designer so i imported some assets i got for unity project i was gona do but never did and still yet to do some work on the material in the editor, i am new to so slowly learning but i build an entire level now to just polish it up… could use some help learning the material stuff if anyone interested to leaned a hand.

any tips or advice for novice? and what you think took me about 4 or 5 days to build… got it build in 3 days then UE 4 crash and all my asset got corrupted.

Where are these assets from? Also from what I see it is getting there, but those walls have very random textures, just looks to overdone and not smooth. Really takes a lot from the rest of the map.

It from unity :stuck_out_tongue: ah as i mention i not a model bought these to do a scifi shooter in unity but lost interest of the engine :stuck_out_tongue: so i thought i’ll give them a try in ue 4… i think it the lighting that the problem i spend like a whole night making sure texture line up properly and not overlap or look all our could u point out in which image u see that what you was talking about?

Lighting looks off, I guess &Blames unity& duh.

:stuck_out_tongue: yep i might need to get a tutorial to learning texturing then i going to edit the textures or get someone to do it for me :P… just learn i can’t run unreal 4. 1 pc starts to laggy like crazy, so i will have to work in 4.0.2 until i get a better pc

Picture 2 is the worst of the lot on the wall textures. It is just too messy and doesn’t make sense. It looks random to me.

yea i admit i went random on that room lol :stuck_out_tongue:

will try a new wall texture and post again

will also tone down the light

Okay cannot wait to see the edits.

Ok was busy trying to get 4.1 to work and learning some material stuff… didn’t do anything to materials but tone down light and re-arrange wall tiles.

first 3 has lowered lighting from 10000 to 5000

is lowered from 5000 to 1000

now looking at it i think asset pack should have a dark horror mood like lighting feel and not so much a bright one.

If i could layer the material i could bring out the texture abit… well after i run them through photoshop :stuck_out_tongue: they need a good washing. But i don’t know how to do that :(…

i was reimporting the texture to a new project so i can play with the material edit without the heavy compiling of shader and i notice message:
“The texture you are importing is not a power of two. Non power of two textures are never streamed and have no mipmaps. Proceed?”

could affect the textures?

ok the last 2 looked a lot better with lower lighting, Now the textures don’t look that washed out.

Ok will work on dropping the lighting, also i think i should decease the roughness from 100% willl post a shot soon

Yes wiz that looks much better. :slight_smile:

Its looking like a good start but your materials are missing reflections and the lighting is way to bright. Do you have any reflection probes in there? Also what is your setting on your Roughness and Metalic?

The rooms look way better with lighting toned down for sure. Good job so far.

Textures and lighting work hand in hand - It would be good to find a reference image to work from. I’m just finding it hard to imagine any place that would look like this. It’s just a case of toooo much. I think look for a floor texture that is not panelled, and quite uniform.

Check out:

Hmm here is a new screen shot, just woke up, fell asleep on keyboard :stuck_out_tongue:

I change the roughness from 1 to 0.9 and the metallic from 0 to 1. didn’t do anything to lighting but increase it by 500 so i can see :P.

Ok Need some feedback :stuck_out_tongue: and possible some help. And its official my pc can’t run 4.1 so i stuck with 4.0.2… may have to find someone to send the game to once i finish build it so they can touch it up and render it out in 4.1 :stuck_out_tongue:

I remove the point light from the blue print file and used spotlights… now tell me what you think, i still stuck with texture don’t know what to do to get then to render out better. :frowning: anyone can help me ?

Well i went and post in the content creation section and game me some insight :), told me to do material instance and reduce the roughness from 0.9 to something lower. been recreating my materials for the last 3 hours :stuck_out_tongue: engine keep crashing on me. and is what i have now.

Now is much better than what i had before, i have done some work on texture through the engine with material instances, now just need to work on lighting…

But what you guys think?

Very nice. Looks 10x better, I see your getting the hang of things. :slight_smile: I could use you as a 2nd level designer for my project. :slight_smile: