non z texture tile when using paint tools

I think its because when painting… it uses the same instance, so also the same numbers are passed along in the material.

Might be wrong though.

Hi folks… very new here - I have been working on this all day, thought solution would be easy but after hrs on the Web - please help!

I’ve created a cube and applied a material I created with the help of these forums. The cube is to be a building, which I can scale in Z and have the material tile, not stretch. All good so far, images attached.

Now I want to paint my world with buildings, different heights. I can set up a brush to do that no problem, but, the instances or brush models created stretch my texture instead of the expected behaviour of tiling - as per the shader.

Is there anything I can do!? Any more details no problem! Thanks guys…

cheers Luos, that’s my fear… I just thought there must be some brush parameter I can fiddle with to make this work - it would be so handy for population of brick textured buildings for example… random heights

I thought indeed this would be a tricky one. If no one else got any thoughts after this wee bump - I’ll just have to settle for the fact painting onto the environment has its limitations. I’m surprised to be honest, seemed like a necessary option in my head! :slight_smile: Cheers folks.