Non Streaming Textures Debug

Greetings to the UE4 Community,

In the optimization process of my project I spent the last week hunting down the non streaming textures and reducing the Non Streaming Pool but still I can’t find the culprits that actually consume between 1009 mb and 1125 mb (Only the Non Streaming Mips) it varies between these two values depending on the loaded sub level.

**Is there any console command or tool to detect the non streaming textures? I’ve used “ListStreamingTextures” and “ListTextures” I’m also using “Stat Streaming” to evaluate the process, but is there a way to List the non streaming textures in the console or any other way, to actually locate them ?

** PS : I’m already using the “.Streaming.PoolSize” to fix the problem temporariy

My Setup is as the following :
Master Level with 73 very small sub levels

And thank you for your input and help.

“listtextures nonstreaming” is the command you are looking for.

It’s a good way to find textures that aren’t streaming because they aren’t mip-mapped (maybe they aren’t a power of two), are large textures in the UI, and other reasons.

Also, for investigating texture memory, “obj list class=TextureCube” is a good command to track down cube maps, which also do not stream.

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Thanks for your answer, and you were right 100% of the culprits were UI textures I should have kept the size even for the UI as standard textures squared (32-64-128 … 1k etc).