Non-repetitive textures

Hi all,
What is the best strategy for using materials on an object with many faces without it looking repetitive? I have a staircase and I’ve put a stone material on it, but it looks bad because every step is identical. Do I need to create a different material for each step or is there a trick?

Could you please post a screenshot of the material setup? There are a couple ways to remove repetition, but depends on how your material is set up. :slight_smile:

There’s a lot of tricks, avoiding noisy textures in general helps, you can also overlay larger scale textures on top of your base textures to add variation. You can also use world projection to affect how these textures work.

I’m using one of the UE4 sample materials M_Concrete_Grime with no modifications. I’m attaching a shot of the details panel - I’ve had to break it into 2 images. Did you want the blueprint graph too? It’s pretty big.


Try using world align texture


I find the macro variation code block most sample materials use works pretty well. Also, of course, are options like vertex blending.

For normals, try blending them at different rates like most do for water materials. Doing material layers in all the layers will make it never repeat as long as they tile at different rates.

You need to vary the Uv’s as well then if each step is occupying the same UV space it will show the exact same part of the texture.