Non-lit objects are comleptely dark after copying the same map

Hi guys!

I have created a random map with foliage. And I wanna improve this map by replacing some foliage with other one. So I just duplicate the same map. My problem is that when I duplicate the map, lighting or shadows goes bad without changing anything and I don’t know why. More specifically from the one side objects seem completely dark. In the first map all things are right but in duplicated map things go bad? Anyone has any idea? Pls help me!

First image is the normal map, and second is the duplicated one. I emphasize again that I make no changes. Any solutions pls?

Looks like you’re missing the skylight, or it needs to be recaptured

I am not missing the skylight and I rebuild the reflection capture when it asks to. :confused:

I’m talking about recapturing the skylight, not rebuilding reflections

and how can I do that?

Click on the skylight and look for the button that says “Recapture” in the details panel

Failing that my only guess is that your exposure is set differently

didn’t fix it. ;/

maybe try deleting it and adding a new one

yes! that did solve the problem! thank you very much brother!