I’m trying to understand how the Noise Utility node works

I have made a simple Post Process material, when i connect a Noise node to the Emissive Color the noise renders in 3D space and is aligned to objects in my scene unlike a Texture Sampler which would be rendered in 2D always facing the screen, i’m trying to make the noise behave like a 2D Texture and i’m not sure what to tell its Position input to do

Some information about this would be really appreciated!


The noise function generates random numbers based on the world position, that’s why it’s aligned to the geometry instead of screen coordinates.
For a post process you need to use the screen position as the position input of the noise node.

Thank you for the explanation,

I had already tried to use the ScreenPosition+Append node without any success, i’m going to give the graph you linked a try and start from there

Thanks again!