Noise material function corrupts appearance in UMG


I just created a material for an UMG image like this:

As you can see, in the preview of the multiply node, it is displayed correctly, but in the preview it is not showing.

In the UMG editor, it looks all black. Note that the little icon in the materials property shows the correct red, noise modulated, masked material (so does the content browser icon):

Also in game, all black:


I guess its a bug, since the icon previews show the expected result…

Thanks in advance for looking into this :slight_smile:


Hi KVogler -

Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this Regression and have reported it as UE-26931. I will keep you informed as we investigate a solution to this issue.

Eric Ketchum

Hi Eric,

I made an additional observation:
I just tried to replace the noise node in the setup above with a “RadialGradient” node to see if its just the noise node, or “procedural” nodes in general cause problems.
It seems they do. As soon as I try to connect the gradient node output to the multiplier input, the editor crashes every time.

So its more than the noise function alone that breaks stuff :frowning:

Hi KVogler -

It appears to be a calculation on World Position in the Material Editor which is causing this issue. Our engineers are working on implementing a fix and once tested we will work to get it pushed out to users.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum