NoDraw Material

Hello there. I come from Source Engine and I’ve noticed there’s nothing like a ‘NoDraw’ texture.
What this texture does is it will avoid that face from rendering. So, for example, I would like to apply it in the lower part of floor models and stuff like that, in order to improve performance. If not, the levels will have a ton of textures being calculated that aren’t actually going to be seen. Any ideas?

In that case the standard is to just remove the faces from the meshs thus not only saving on draw calls/whatever but also on number of verts/tris in the scene which are always going to take some performance due to overlaps, linetraces etc.

The cloest thing I can think of is to set a material that has a color of 0,0,0,0 RGBA but of course that would require you to re-unwrap the object or change it materials or have two meshes entirely (even worse)

Removing the unseen faces during the optimzation phase of development is the standard.

There might be come c++ workaround tricks, but none that will vase you any performance that I can think of. Your already getting alot of performance saved because of backface culling. With a floor mesh in a characters view, the render engine doesnt render any of the bottom faces, and not the far side faces. Only the top, front, left/right faces.

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Ok, so I should remove the faces that wont be seen? Thanks for the great and quick answer!

Thats really the most realistic thing I can see, and the most performance gaining. Its just what most/everyone does not to say its right, but its standard. Just like prefixing blueprints with BP_