"Node not supported in feature level ES2"

I’m having this problem for the first time. And i’m pretty sure i’ve done my Leaves Material just like this before, but didn’t get any warning then…


I already disabled Android, iOS and HTML5 from the Supported Platforms as i understood this has something to do with mobile platforms?
All help appreciated! :slight_smile:

Bumping this up, since it’s been a while with no answers and i haven’t been able to find the answer myself… :o

Finally found the solution for this. Just disable Mobile Stats (toolbar, right above the viewport) in Material Editor and the error message will go away.

The reason for this is that texture reads on the vertex shader (aka world position offset) are not supported on mobile.

One additional note. I am not sure what the intended use of the “flipbook wind” node is above, but that is a node I made specifically for the case where you are rendering out a render to texture of a flipbook and want to have wind that will animate into each cell and loop properly. You could use it to make a texture animation of a waving flag for instance. Its not that it will not be useful in other materials, but it is likely doing a whole bunch of extra math for almost no benefit in this case. It may be about the same as using another simple grass wind.

What that node is meant to do, is represent wind from a tiled worldposition repeated over the specified cell size. It may be causing parts of your leaves to behave identically depending on what the default setting under “Frame Size” is relative to your foliage size in the world.