Nobody willing to share/put up a skin shader on the marketplace?

I am not good with materials, and I fail at setting up even a somewhat passable skin.
Robots and armors are obviously easy, but even semi-natural skin that passes as a skin
and doesn`t look like the characters face is made of 1)clay 2)plastic 3)rubber covered with slimy goo.

I am sure there would be a demand for those besides me. :slight_smile:
A set of different skin materials that could be easily instanced to use your own diffuse/normal/roughness/spec/metallic/etc.

$$$ i say.

(Actually I would be super happy if Epic provided at least some samples as they did with water planes.)

Ah. And while I am it, hair materials are another thing which is too hard to get right… $$$

There is actually a dedicated shading model that was introduced in 4.5. And there is a documentation page on how to create realistic skin. Klick me.
I guess the problem is that you need really specific unwraps for characters and basically all of them have slighty diffrent shading and pore structure so there is not really a way to make a universal skin material.

As for the hair material, you can simply search the forums. There is a free anisotropic hair material out there. Klick me

Thank you for your response. ^^ But unfortunately, I was familiar with those two already.
This topic was made in attempt to encourage someone to make something for the marketplace as I would guess there is more than I in demand.

The skin tutorial documentation is appreciated, but it doest explain the things I dont already know.
For example, it advices you to use Material Function BlendAngleCorrectedNormals,
but when you do that in the engine, the resulted node is nothing like the one in the screenshot, and I cannot get that part to work.
Also the last part of "The Subsurface Profile is what makes the skin really look like skin.
To use a Subsurface Profile in your Material, you just need to supply your Material or Material Instance with the Subsurface Profile that you want to use. " is so vague that it is just a cop out of
making a full tutorial ^^. Its like making a tutorial of high polygon zbrush meshes, and in the last part just say “now you just have to retopo the model, rig it and its ready to use in your game!”

But, I dont want to sound like a give-me-everything-for-no-work-demanding fool. I just dont want to fight with every single thing and I would like to cut corners in some few places so I could rather
spend my time and creativity elsewhere - and thats what marketplace could help with hopefully!

Same goes with the hair. I did try that for few hours but couldnt get it to work. I didnt want to go to that thread to complain since someone already did awesome job of offering that for free.