No working lighting in HTML5/Mobile

Hi all,

So, I’ve been working on a HTML5 demo of a project I’ve been doing, however I can’t seem to get any lights to actually show.

Currently, I have gone through all the documentation regarding mobile lighting and tried the supported lights (point, directional, spot) in both static and stationary modes (where applicable), but have failed to find a working one. I’ve been through various levels of intensity etc, and have been fiddling with light in the world settings for a while, with no luck. I have also searched other answers here and unfortunately have been able to find nothing else to help apart form the idea that this is due to be fine-tuned in 4.8, but I do need to complete this ASAP :frowning:

In the below screenshot, the directional light is working, however this only exports dark still. Ideally, I would like to have the spot light or point lights working, as this is to be a dimly lit inside area. What you’re looking at below is the inside faces of a 3D model with 2-sided geometry and material.

I’m positive there’s something I can do that I’ve missed, so any help/tips or anything at all would be GREATLY appreciated :slight_smile:


I too am totally lost. I have gotten directional lighting to work on mobile, but not with metallic materials. Other light sources simply don’t work. I cannot use any other values besides 1 for my metal objects, so this is frustrating.