No teleportation arc?

Whenever I try and teleport using the Motion Controller Pawn that Unreal Engine 4 has as part of their VR template, I don’t get the nice arc that you see in games like Robo Recall. It drops an arrow directly underneath wherever I’m holding the controller. I can control direction to some degree, by rotating my body around.

Does anyone have any ideas why the arc part of it isn’t working? It’s nice to finally have the Rift going, but only teleporting 1 foot at a time is going to get old REAL fast.

That’s not how it is supposed to work. You should see an arc that you can project far away. And with the Thumbstick you should be able to change your orientation after teleportation.

Are you using the standard VR template (fresh unmodified project) or did you modify something in it?

I used the template and simply migrated my level into the template, adding a nav mesh bounds volume. No other changes were made.

Ok then check all the collisions in your imported level. I have had the exact same case with someone else I supported and it turned out they had activated collisions on the sky sphere. That made the teleportation behave exactly like you describe above.

I used the collision view to see where my collisions are. The only place that I have collisions is on a pillar in the center of the room. Otherwise, it’s just the nav mesh bounds that are keeping the collisions in check. Unless there’s some sort of collision box that I cannot see. :confused:

Make a copy of your project and start deleting actors from the level until you find the culprit. Are you sure the Nav Mesh is ok? Did you try to delete it completely and re-create it from scratch?