No stat fps with multiview

When the mobile multi-view and mobile multi-view direct is activated, the on-screen stat is not displayed.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

Thank you

Same problem here. It’s hard to profile performances on GearVR if we can’t see any stat.

At least is there another way to know at which framerate the game is running while on GearVR? I tryied to divide 1 by delta time of the event tick then draw it on a UMG text box but it’s still show 60 fps when I’m obviously lagging

I wrote the solution here - GearVR - Console Commands - UE4 AnswerHub

In order to get on-screen stats, you must enable the “Debug Canvas in Layer” setting. This setting, however, is only available right now in the Oculus fork -

Thanks for your useful answer christian_svr. Now I can’t switch to another engine build, this should be included in Epic’s release, I hope this will be added in next update.

Ok, I tryied the Oculus fork and ticked the “Debug canvas” option, add an execute console command node to my begin play event but nothing happen. Of course it works on the official build without multiview

Well in fact enabling “Debug canvas in layer” makes the console unable to show at all, even in editor. Once I disable it, using the keyboard shortcut works again.

At least, can someone from Epic tells us if they are aware of this bug?