No Sound and I can't even play audio files in the content browser. (After moving project folder)

my project does no longer make any sound.
Problem occurred after I moved the entire project folder to another hard drive.
I have done the usual stuff (checking my standard audio devices, restarting engine and computer, searching the web, enabling editor audio, deleting .inis etc.). I also suspect all of that does not matter though, since it did work prior to moving - So all options that could block playback should still be off.

Unreal does not appear in the windows audio mixer. I can not hear audio upon starting, I can not hear it in the editor. When I click previously functional .wavs/.mp3s in the contentbrowser to play, they change the play-symbol to the stop symbol for half a second (as if it’s trying to play), but then snaps back without a hint of sound.

Other threads suggested looking in the logs for audiodevices - but the topics are outdated, and I couldn’t find the lines they were looking for.
MDRWozUp.log (2.5 MB)

I also tired solutions from this old thread to no avail.

Engine version is 4-27-1 on Win10

Thank you so much in advance.

Kind regards