No SkeletalMesh movement in Matinee


I haven’t used UE4 in a while so this may be a very simple issue.

I have simple matinee sequence with a few different skeletal meshes and their animations loaded just fine into my matinee sequence.
My camera is attached to a bone socket so it follows a pre-keyed path from Max. I can scrub through the timeline and everything looks great.
However, when I go to record (using the “movie” button in matinee there’s no movement!

My director group is keyed to the camera. It even starts in the correct place… just no movement.
The Matinee Actor is set to play on level load.

What’s strange to me is that in another level I’ve keyed the camera movement inside UE4 and the “movie” button (recording to frames) works just as expected!
BTW I’m on version 4.1.0 … any chance that’s the issue? Is there an “autoplay” or play on load I need to enable on my skeletal meshes? Like I said, they’re keyed to the right animation in my timeline!


Try posting this to AnswerHub and please post the link here so other people can get the answer!

Good idea! It has been done!