No shadows in DMX fixtures in 4.26

Findings of the day with the new Beta 4.26 concenrning DMX setup via artnet, do keep in mind that I’m only use Unreal for the second day.

01- The position of the player has an impact on the color of the beams, the lights turn white when moving away from the lights (Got 150 beamys in project, but also happens with one frixture), then you need to go really close and it goes back to color selected on the Chamsys.

02- My lights have no impact on the floor (I saw the gobo pattern in the video on the floor Updates part 1 on YouTube - Unreal DMX 4.26 Updates Part 1 - YouTube)
This is also visible on my SDI monitor via the Cinecamera and Blackmagic output.
Fun fact: The Actor Playerstart is visible as a globe in my Cinecamera as a globe (I did checked the box actor hidden in game)
Affects Wolrd is turned.

Any advice?