No shadows from masked material with static lighting?


having assigned a masked material (= blend mode ‘masked’) to static mesh actors they now do no longer cast shadows from my static light source (directional light). I found posts from others with a similar problem, but they have only solved their problems with work-arounds as far as I could tell and not found an actual answer to this issue.

Is this actually a known issue or do I need to change some settings?

I would like to keep using static, baked lighting and I need a way to make objects become invisible when in a certain position relative to other objects. To achieve this effect I use the masked material. So it could be a solution to create the effect using opaque materials which cast shadows just fine, but I don’t know if that can be done with opaque materials.

At this stage I’m not sure what else would be important for you to know to help me with this, please let me know what other information I should supply.

Two years have passed, any solution for this?

Not that I know of. Back then I just accepted that I was not able to make objects using masked materials cast shadows from static lights and ever since then the projects in which I would have liked to have that effect just did not have it.