No shadow when i build lighting

Hey guys. Has any of you experienced this issue?

I build the lighting without any error message. The object looks fine but there are no shadows.
But if i then move the objects, shadows appear. But i think this is just “preview” shadows because once i go into play mode, I get the message saying that lighting has to be built.

Here you can see images of my object after it is built without shadows and after i have moved it;

I have tried setting the lightmap resolution to 8, 64 and 128. I tried building in preview, medium and production. I still get the same result every time.

I have a custom lightmap that i created in 3ds max. Here is a picture of the lightmap;

As you can see, it is quite clear that there is no overlapping. The lightmaps used to be different but i even resized them and put them all really far away from eachother just to make sure that there is no way that they could cause any issue.

I am very thankful if any of you would have any suggestions. I am quite stuck here trying to figure out what may be the issue.


First of all you are wasting toooooooo much UV space ;), check out some tutorials about light map creation in UE4 for better understanding.
Why do you need baked lighting on a helmet ? It’s a moving part for you character right ? So i would set the helmet from static to movable.

I guess you mean the shadows on the ground are not bulding ? If yes just increase the lightmap resolution of your groun. Your helmet is tiny and the current lightmap resolution of your ground simply can’t catch the details.

Thank you so much for your answer! I didn’t know that the lightmap resolution of the ground/wall actually mattered. I increased the lightmap resolution and it works!

I know that the helmet should be movable but it is for an assignment for university and so creating a lightmap was a requirement for the assignment wether i created a helmet or anything else.
I also have another lightmap where i did not waste all of this space haha. I just re-scaled the lightmap just to make sure that the issue was not caused by overlapping. at first i thought that the issue was caused by overlapping uv’s.