No shader for grass and foliage

I’ve tried to create nice looking shader of grass a thousand times and I believe it’s simply impossible!
It’s impossible to light correctly 2-sided material with applied normal map, there is always some sort of bad staff.
There is some workarounds, for outdoor scenes you can use emissive light , but what if you will try to use same material in… CAVE?

Foliage to works properly need special lighting model (uniformly lit by ambient light, where surface normals are completely ignored). Unfortunately there is no such thing yet, and more over adding new lighting model to deferred renderer is well problematic to say at least.

I would expect anything especial in this regard until there will be something like Indexed Lighting Forward Rendering implementing on some other variation, that should help with translucency. Forward Pass have much easier time with adding additional lighting models.

I honestly also run into foliage issues. The current results that can be achived are just sub par or simply unacceptable for outdoor scene with dynamic lighting.

You can work around it by using Material Paremeter Collection where you would store sun color, direction etc, and use these information to control emissive lighting for foliage. Because frankly emissive lighting, gives best result for foliage, though it is hard to control in conditions where there is dynamically changing lighting.

Any news? :frowning:

Has someone been able to create a nice looking foliage shader?

Here you can find a pretty awesome grass shader made by Ulrich -> Nature Environment in UE4 - Content Creation - Unreal Engine Forums

Thanks fighter5347. I’ve been searching for some foliage material information for UE4! :slight_smile: