No reflections after Packaging the project.

Hey there !

I’ve just package a project. I can see the reflections on materials in UE4 viewport but no reflections after executing the project.

I’ve partitioned the scene into separate levels and the refl. capture boxes are on the persistent layer. (don’t know it that is the case).

Pleas let me know what I’m doing wrong. Here are the screenshots showing the problem.

Thanks in advance !

I actually have a similar issue I’m looking into right now with this, but I was not able to reproduce the problem.

You mention that you have the box reflection capture on the persistent level. I just want to clarify that you are using multiple levels and that the objects in the scene that need the reflections are on a different level?

Hi Tim!

Yes I’m using 8 different levels for each room.
I tested it by putting the refl. captures on presistent level and placing it on the levels.
I just want the reflection to work. In the executable file only lights are reflecting not the environment.

I’ll setup a project with a few levels and try this out in a bit.

Another question: In the one I’m already looking into, Reflection captures work right until you hit play or use standalone game as well right?

Has this happened in any other projects that you have as well or have you been able to replicate this in any other projects or just this one?


When I hit the play button it works fine.
But in standalone mode the reflections are gone too.

I did not checked the other projects. I will soon.


It seems that it only happens in this project… Now I have no idea why …

That’s the issue I’m running into with the other as well. I can’t create the issue but it appears to be happening.

Would you be willing to share the project so I can take a look? The assets can be stripped out if needed, I’m more interested in the project with the maps that are causing the issue. If so you can share privately with me via a PM. I’m going to continue to try and reproduce this on my end. Just not seeing the same at the moment. :confused:

I’ve sent you a PM.

After erasing the Streaming volumes everything went back to normal. I guess the volumes were causing the problems or I don’t know how to use them :slight_smile:

Hey ,

I was able to get to the same conclusion with the levels and reproduced this in a blank project. I’ve submitted a ticket for this issue (UE-11457) to be investigated by one of our engineers. The only workaround that I see at the moment is not using the levels for these objects or things that need that reflection capture.

I’ve attached this post to the ticket along with the other person that has reported it. I’ll update once I know more.

Thanks for your help with this one, it truly is appreciated.

Thank you Tim!

Similar Problem Here.

Fully dinamic light. Movable Skylight, Movable directional Light + Atmospheric Fog + LPV.

Playing in Viewport, this is the result (looks fine):

In Stand Alone this is the result (all green).

BUT… sometimes happends in editor. And if I “Update Reflection Captures” (no one in scene), in editor works. But in game, I cant do this.

I have similar problems. Reflection on a flat mirror works fine in Game Editor mode. After packaging, my reflection is gone. Or half gone. Ray Tracing is on inside the project settings.

here is my packaged file for download:…

below are the reflections from the editor: you will see the difference when launching the app

Hi Bernhard,
Did you able to solve your issue?
I just packaged a project file and I encounter the same problem with reflection captures that are gone in it!