No Reflection in a scene when using dynamic lighting setup

I do not have any reflections on a scene, but everything is setup properly(Movable lights, sky light, reflection capture)

But if disable Allow static lighting, reflections starts to work, it turns off all static lighting but I want to use it in some levels

So what should I do to have proper reflection without baking lights?

Me again, so one one knows?

unfortunately there is no real solution to this issue. you can use r.diffusefromcaptures 1 as discussed here: ReflectionCapture Actors for Dynamic Scenes - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums and there is talk about this general issue here: Light probes (ambient lights - cubemap light projectors) in fully dynamic scene - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

Oh didn`t now that, thx for the info

r.diffusefromcaptures isn’t there for 4.19 :frowning: