No reflection captures/environment reflections in VR/forward renderer?

Hey guys,

I am working with a VR team who have a preexisting project. They say they have not been able to get reflections to work in their materials. Glossy/metallic surfaces show speculars from placed lights, but no environment reflections otherwise (pure black). This is evidently quite problematic for metallic surfaces.

As there seems to be little documentation on the subject, I was hoping someone from here might be able to help. Is this simply a shortcoming of VR, or a problem that can be remediated? I know the forward renderer doesn’t support screen-space reflections, but it seems rather strange to have no reflections at all, even from capture actors.

We are using 4.15 with the forward renderer. I don’t know much about the project but would be able to gather more information as needed.

I joined an example of a new material made from scratch in the material editor (with whatever the current project settings are). As you can see, it doesn’t seem to be even loading any sort of environment lighting.

maybe you should have a look at the way reflections work in Robo Recall. You can download the project (for modding). Also, someone already has been looking into the techniques used in RR. See

Hey, I had this issue now where reflections (both reflection captures and SSR) would disappear when I hit play. Google brought me here. So for future reference: the problem was on a scene with all movable lights, so I had checked “Force No Precomputed Lighting” in World Settings. And that’s what was causing the reflections to disappear when you hit play / simulate. So if you have that checked, uncheck it, build the level (nothing should change if all lights are movable), and reflections will now work.