No Preset Available -- Remote web control app

Hi, I am using remote web control for my ndisplay project. The app the can show everything when i am running in editor mode. However, I run my project with ndisplay mode using switchboard, the app will show no preset avaiable. Any help?

Hi, I have a similar issue. Did you finally resolve it?

Are you currently able to get a preset when running in editor, but then when running ndisplay, it says no preset available?

You have to send a query to the RWC for setting a preset through json.
You need to use varest to send a request to the web remote control server, where you tell it what preset it has to use.
After this you need to store a variable with the remote control PRESET in what ever blueprint where you’re sending the message, as you need to bring the preset into the game with ndisplay. Otherwise it will not find it. This is only for storing and bringing inn the preset with ndisplay, and youre not sending the variable.

i got the same problem "No preset available " in Ndisplay mode but the preset are up and running in Editor.

i try your method , but VaRest doesn’t list my preset when i launch my project with in Ndislay mode.

i send this GET request with VaRest “” , it works in editor not in Ndisplay mode.

any help ?

As I’ve said, to have your preset listed, you have to store a variable somewhere, where the variable is the preset that you want to use

thanks for your reply.

You have to send a query to the RWC for setting a preset through json.
How ?

the ndisplay log shows me this :

[2021.05.26-20.00.07:617][155]LogVaRest: Response (200):
“Presets”: []

i understand that my request is good : i want to list all the preset available.

in the ndislay context,
How can i tell the web remote controller to load the preset i need.

is there a url’ s specific command to send via VaRest ?

best regards

just create a variable and store that preset


Create a variable ? Whrere in the level blueprint ? In a separate blueprint?
A variable of type Remote control preset ?
Do i have to put a blueprint with this variab’e in the map ?

It doesn’t work in -game mode !
Can you detail the workflow , please ?
My web browser always says No preset available.
Thanks .

What’s the request like, I haven’t found the API for that use

I have store a variable in a blueprint and its value is always the preset’s name, but still occur “no preset abailable”

Have you solved the problem, the method upwards seems not working for me. Or am I misunderstand the use of that key variable

just create a variable call preset and save the file.

Okay here we go!
i’ll attach images below

You’ll need VaRest plugin installed.

Image below you see that i’ve started the server through executes.
After this i send a server command to SET the preset.

Its important that you bring your livelink preset into the playmode/package
Therefore, you need to STORE a variable, anywhere, where its set as the livelink preset you want (You can do an array if you want several presets.)

My variable is empty, but dont mind that. Select your livelink preset and set that as the variable.

You’re welcome!

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Thank you for the example Milkman. However, you mentioned we need to SET the preset via http request. Can you advise how that is done, please? I’ve been searching through the docs and found no info how to do so. The PUT methods are all for adding info to the preset and not to pick one. (Your screenshot showed a GET method for preset information)

Any advise please?

Using the method above should tell the web remote control which preset to use. I used the wrong terms, try it out and come back to me

much appreciated, saved my day

Digged the Source Code, no api for setting or loading a preset

Do you have a solution? I digged the code of remote control plugin, the info on this issue is just misleading

Hi Milkman,
Well, after installing UE 5.1 i’ve created a project where remote control is working fine in editor, but when i build the project it doesn’t work.
When i request the it just replies with empty array (instead of providing the Present name that reflects in editor).
When i call any function i get response as “Unable to reoslve the preset.”

I’ve done some googling and searching in this forum, didn’t find any help, but this topic and your answer might related, i tried it but didn’t work either.

Can you please help in identifying this issue i face?

hi, I have been borthered with this issue for a long time.
last night I digged the code of Remote Control Plugin, there was no api router for adding preset after server startup.
The server initilizing preset , by filter all the asset in memory. May be in the standalone mode , the preset asset is not loaded , or not be packed?

If you got any progress, pls share your discovery.