No PostProcess effect / Black Roof / Errors

Hi there !

I’m a rookie of UE4, I’m from Maya.
So let me explain you my problem: I’m working on a professionnal project (a floor of offices to make). So I model it on Maya and import to UE4. No problem!


I add some SkyLight, Directionnal Light, etc… but when I build the scene the log send me:


I don’t understand this message, FbxScene_level_complete_8213 is my entire FBX and maybe the message is adressed to one specific object in the FBX and I don’t know which one.
Plus my roof is black at rendering, I deleted it to see if the message log is adressed to the roof but when I delete it the message still appear…

My second proceblm is concerning the PostProcess Volume. Some effects doesn’t work like Ambiant occlusion (yes the “box” covers the entire scene):


Please Help me !
Thank you very much and sorry for my english, i’m french.

You need to split up the mesh into parts–like walls, ceiling, floor, etc. You can’t get good lighting otherwise.