No post processing on GTX 260

I’m testing how my game will run on different machines, and it seems like post processing is not working on my older PC with Palit GTX 260 896MB (SPECS). There is no bloom, no eye adaptation, etc. I need to know what feature this card is missing. For example, post process effects works even on my laptop with integrated Intel 4600 HD.
(Yes, everything is set to Epic in Quick Settings)

Edit: I’ve just noticed that GTX260 doesn’t have DirectX 11, only 10! So this is this missing feature :slight_smile: , am i right? If so, is there some way to have post process effects on DirectX 10?

Yeah, just realized that (edited post) :slight_smile: So all post process effects are available only on DirectX 11?

ok, thanks for help!

Looks like you are not seeing DX11 features since your card(GTX 260) supports DX10 only.

Not all, but i’m not sure which features are DX11 only, unfortunately.